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Locally owned and operated, we produce event and wedding videos in Breckenridge, Colorado.

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Telling the story of your wedding is more than slow motion shots and sentimental music. Its  more than a template that can be quickly reproduced.

Truly capturing the experience of your wedding means telling your story your way.

I will work with you to understand the mood/theme of your wedding.  Before we shoot, I’ll see the vision of how you would like your memories preserved. Rest assured, I’ve been doing this for a long time. I will take care of everything related to your video. You have dozens of other things to focus on.

My name is Mike Gamache. I am the founder of this Summit County Video Production business, which I have named Colorado Mountain Life.

Wedding Videos in Breckenridge Colorado Lead Producer Mike Gamache

Sapphire Point, Breckenridge Colorado

I graduated from Kansas State University in 2006 with a journalism degree focused on radio and television. Since graduation,  I’ve been winning awards and professionally producing videos all over North America.

Colorado Mountain Life produced high-end videos of all sorts. My professional experience is very broad. I’ve been extremely successful with a multitude of different types of video production.

Why does this matter for your Breckenridge wedding video? With my wide range of professional experience, I can tell your full story in a manner that is true to your heart. I can produce the realization of your vision and memory of your joyous day. If you don’t desire to be involved with the creative process, I will design and create the style, tone, and pace of your video myself.

Although we can plan your wedding video together, I will work independently with my team to pick up the subtile details of your wedding. We will capture your footage in a creative manner that expresses the memories you will make on your special day.

Our videos will utilize full-frame DSLR cameras mounted on fluid heads that move along professional slider rigs. You can also expect robotically-stabilized 4k shots from a Gopro. Just let us know how creative you want us to be!

The video of your ceremony itself will use multiple cameras and audio capture sources.

My creative method of telling stories in a cinematic manner is why Colorado Mountain Life’s wedding videos stand out.

I have been shooting video since the mid-90s. My first camera was an analog hi-8 camcorder that I consistently borrowed from my parents. Graduating with Video Production degree in 2006, experience ranges from beta and VHS to modern-day drones, action cameras, and full-frame DSLR video.

I have several years of experience producing corporate videos. The result was placing my hands on a camera and/or editing different types styles of video daily. I did this for years, which made me very proficient at my craft.

Something that sets me apart from other high country wedding video companies is I have produced thousands of non-wedding videos. I’ve trained millions with my content. And I’ve cinematically told hundreds of stories using video.

I can tell your story using my skills that include wedding videos, but reach far beyond weddings and events.

Being an experienced and professional Video Producer means that I can tell any story, convey any emotion, and do so with almost any budget. This is why I am so excited about telling the story of your wedding.

My university video program started in 2003 when I began editing standard definition videos on the software Final Cut Pro 2.0. Since that time I’ve had a wide variety of exposure to the industry. A few of my experiences have been:

– Video Production Industry professional since 2006
– University Degree in Video Production (Kansas State University Class of ’06)
– Multiple Gold and Silver Tellie, Aster, and Healthcare Marketing Report Awards (Contact for details/examples)
– Recently featured on Fox 31 Denver for freelance video production
– Featured Daily on Summit TV8 for outdoors action videos produced/shot/edited by Mike Gamache
– History Channel Camera Operator credit

I’ve produced videos for some of the largest American companies including Bechtel, Ch2MHill, ConAgra Foods and many more.

Colorado wedding videos are the next chapter of my story.

Recently married myself, I’ve realized that wedding videos are a great avenue to use my education and professional experience in video production to provide a steady income and promising future for my new family.

Mike and Jodene - wedding videos in Breckenridge Colorado

My Breckenridge Wedding – Sapphire Point, Lake Dillon

Another great aspect of producing wedding videos – The good vibes!

When I went to college for TV journalism, I was preparing for a successful career covering disasters and death.

In the wedding video industry, I am surrounded by some of the happiest people and families. I get to share one of the most special and consequential moments of a new family’s life. Then, in post-production, I catch myself smiling all day as I edit happy footage of special times.

As a creative, I need to be challenged in changing ways. Combining wedding videos with my various types of production provides a well-rounded experience that never becomes tedious or redundant.

Exposure to wedding videos keeps me challenged and excited while being surrounded with positive energy, which is reflected in my passionate editing of your final project. Call (970) 368-9699 or send an email to book your wedding video in Breckenridge Colorado today!

Wedding Videos in Breckenridge Colorado

Video and article by Mike Gamache