Glamour and Glitz

The Glamour and Glitz wedding video package has all the bells and whistles.

This package includes:

  • Fully edited complete video
  • Two Videographers
  • Eight-hour time slot
  • Multi-cam coverage of ceremony
  • Multi-cam coverage of reception and additional events
  • Two edited music montage segments
  • Drone Footage

The Glamour and Glitz Package is best for those who desire to preserve the most special and important moments from multiple angles, while having two-sets of hands, cameras, and equipment available to capture the most capture the most laughs, smiles, and happy interactions possible.

Not only do two Videographers provide more good shots, they also provide a powerful resource to quickly respond to the unique challenges of live, on-site video production.

For instance, if a camera overheats, the second camera operator will be texted to re-frame and cover the more important shot that the overheated camera was capturing… Team work has substantial value when it comes to capturing live events. Using two Videographers is a great insurance tactic.

You will also receive multi-camera coverage of the reception, which makes for an even better edited video than the Essentials package offers!

Of course, we are located in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. You chose to have your wedding here in Summit County because it is a beautiful destination.

Select the Glamour and Glitz package to receive awe-inspiring professional drone footage of your wedding location!

The Glamour and Glitz package will include at least one full-frame DSLR with professional lenses. What does this mean?

In the hands of an experienced professional, this piece of equipment can generate cinema-quality shots that appear much like footage from high-end independent and even feature films.

Don’t miss out on your opportunity to preserve your special day in the most amazing way.

Contact us or call (970) 368-9699 to schedule your Breckenridge Colorado Wedding Videography today!

Glamour and Glitz